"When we left, it was cold
 Each other's hands we had to hold"


"Oh, sweet Lucy

 Oh, sweet Lucy

 Oh, sweet Lucy, let me go"



The music for "Sweet Lucy" was envisioned by a number of different artists over the years. The following is a great selection of works that share this title:

Shorty Ashford, 1966

Micheal Hurley, 1976

Raul de Souza, 1977

James Last Orchestra, 1980

The Holy Modal Rounders, 2001

Lucy Charm

SKU: 22Dc
  • W 12.8mm x H 12.5mm (Including the loop)

  • LEMAK jewelry embraces a Japanese aesthetic approach to design. Each piece is finished by hand, so no two items will ever look identical. Patinas on sterling and brass items are hand-applied and will naturally change with time causing a darkening (oxidation) of the surface. We encourage you to use a soft polishing cloth to bring out the highlights on the surface allowing for the shadows to remain around the detail. This creates a lovely antique effect that respects the nature of the metal and acknowledges the beauty in imperfection.

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